Volume 00:01 Play

Play, the inaugural volume of the Short Play publication, brings together a selection of 14 artists who employ elements of play within their art practice. Dancing, singing, frolicking, flying, teleporting and time-travelling, this diverse and challenging collection of video works at once subverts and expands our notions of the act of play. Accompanied by six essays, these works run the gamut of play’s myriad interpretations and possibilities, not only in contemporary art but in everyday life. The result is often a double-edged sword of profundity and a fun; tongue-in-cheek absurdity that eschews any po-faced sentimentality of the past.

Contributing Artists
Brown Council
Rachel Feery + Lisa Stewart
Timothy P Kerr
Jane Korman
Alanna + Matthew Lorenzon
Riki-Metisse Marlow
Hannah Raisin
Safari Team
Sam Smith
Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart
Michael Vale
Jemima Wyman

Contributing Writers
Davina Adamson
Backwards future: the art of playing with time

Laura Castagnini
How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? Humour and 'play' in contemporary feminist performance

Rachel Feery
The playful artist: a look at contemporary Australian video artworks

Shae Nagorcka
Playing in space

Jessie Scott
Art and Play

Jadan Sproule-Carroll
All work and no Youtube makes Jack a dull boy